Call of the Day Modules

Create eLearnings that demonstrate “as trained” expectations for new service agents.


Our Call of the Day eLearning modules are targeted towards our new hire agents. Each module focuses on a specific topic they have learned in training and illustrates the “as trained” expectation through a call example with a debrief at the end.

To avoid sharing proprietary information, I have omitted confidential information in this case study.

Tools Used:
Screenshot of Call of the Day narrator explaining important concepts.

Teamwork to Speed Up Development

The creation of the Call of the Day modules required efforts from everyone on the team.

The eLearning storyboards were written by team members in different offices and I worked with them to create the eLearning content that brought their vision to life.

I worked with a team member in another office to quickly turn-around development of the eLearning courses. We communicated frequently and developed an organizational system to ensure that our content was consistent and that the same stock characters weren’t used too frequently, since agents would be reviewing these on a daily basis.

Development also included editing our stock characters to make them look like phone agents and creating scenes that illustrated what was described in the storyboards.

Screenshot of course illustrating how the team had to coordinate on the look/feel of each module.
Additional assets were created in Photoshop to illustrate the issues raised on the call. In this instance, the customer was calling from the parking lot about a flat tire.
Stock characters had to be edited in order to make them seem like they were in the call center environment and their facial expressions to match the tone of the call. Edit on left.

In Photoshop I was able to create the illusion that during a call a new hire agent could watch as the tenured agent worked through the system during the call.

Open Screen Edits: The white portion is transparent in order to allow the video to show through.
Open Screen with video imposed