Turning ODs into Teachers

Working closely with my SME, we worked to create a series of resources to help our OD population share optometry information with the rest of the staff.

Project Details

The leadership team for our doctors wanted to enable them to share optometry information to the rest of the staff to, in turn, educate our patients. We worked together to create a short and simple in-person training guide that would allow the doctors to share their professional knowledge on the topic while making it interactive for the team.

To avoid sharing proprietary information, I have omitted confidential information in this case study.

Tools Used:

Making the content accessible

I took this project over from another team member who had originally created everything in PowerPoint. While I had access to other professional tools, using PowerPoint would allow anyone to edit it in the future, since most individuals have a subscription to Microsoft Office Products through the company or personally. I kept with PowerPoint as it allows more flexibility with image and text placement.

In addition I had to make sure that the content was accessible to the learners. My subject matter expert was very passionate about the topics, however it was presented at a very detailed level, which wouldn’t resonate with the staff who didn’t have the same medical background as my subject matter expert and the optometrists presenting the material. I was able to provide a novice audience’s perspective so that the material could be adapted to make sense.

For the project we decided to create a learner guide for the associates that provided information about the topic and to accompany it the optometrist would use a leader guide which had an image of the learner guide with additional notes on the side to lead a session on the topic of the series. This way, the optometrist leading the session could see what the learner was viewing and work through the resource together.

I worked closely with the SME to create a product that would appeal to the optometrists so that they shared it with their staff. We added extra information that would appeal to them but made sure the design was simple to implement.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DrWhy_Leader.jpg
An example of the Leader Guide, which included an image of the Learner Guide and notes to assist the leader during the presentation.

Design Inspiration

As with any of our products, we wanted to make sure to match the look and feel of the style guide outlined by marketing. For this project in particular I took inspiration from informational bookmarks we have in the offices. These bookmarks for the patients provide information about particular eye diseases or conditions. This way an associate could use the book mark as a starting point to talk about what they had learned with their optometrist.

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Digital Eye Strain bookmarks created by Marketing that were used for visual consistency/inspiration.