About Me

Learning is my passion

People with strong Learner talents constantly strive to learn and improve. The process of learning is just as important to them as the knowledge they gain.

CliftonStrengths Definition of Learner

I’ve always enjoyed learning from a young age. Whether it was picking out a new book from the library or trying a new recipe, it was thrilling to try something different. My love of learning combined with a desire to create (especially with the latest technology) lead me to become a multi-faceted instructional designer.

Outside of work I’m cooking up delicious eats, getting fit in the gym, reading, or working on my Animal Crossing Island with my boyfriend.

My professional background

While I’ve only had the title of “Instructional Designer” for a few years, I’ve been teaching or creating learning materials all the way back in high school. I’ve worked with teams in different industries but we’ve all had the same goal: creating the best content we can for our learners.

I’ve created a variety of learning tools – from eLearning courses, instructor-led training, job aids, instructional videos, and more. I’ve been a team player and a project leader. Through it all I’ve been able to use professional grade equipment (video camcorders, cameras) and software (Adobe Suite, Captivate, Articulate).

My education

I recently graduated with a Master’s of Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University after completing a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. My instructional design background helps me ensure that projects achieve their goal by utilizing steps of instructional design methods that fit within the context of real world projects. The program has prepared me to be a learning leader and understand the technology that goes into creating a learning environment.

Before that, I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with a Media Studies minor (hence my fascination with people, technology, and creativity) from the University of Virginia.